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Project : a Palm Pilot manager for RPG

This is the home page of a project which aim is to implement a software to manage PRG battles.
Its name is Gaia0.
I will use the Waba Virtual Machine based on the java language, so it will be avalable for Palm Pilot as for Windows CE devices.



Implement a Battle manager for Role Playing Games (the target is Palladium games).

Two (or more ?) teams with different characters, with specified caracteristics and behavior.

Round after round, the evolution of the battle, from tactical as startegic point of view. All the process can be set to an "automated" mode or guided step after step through user inputs.


The item in bold are done, the icon marks the advancement, and the icon points to the javaDoc of the class or a corresponding document.

  1. inputs
  2. design
  3. script language implementation
  4. tactical implementation
  5. tactical view
  6. strategic implementation
  7. strategic view
  8. details


You can contact me at zorg if you want to participate to this project or to give me any information that could improve it.