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Battle FrameWork Design

The aim of this document is to describe the framework of the battles managed by Gaia0. Two points of view have to be describe : the tactical one and the strategic one.

Battle tactics

Two basic objects have to be defined : a team and a character.

A team.
A team is a set of characters, it points out leaders, folowers, and selfish characters in the team. Some specific characters can be named in a team.
A character.
A character is defined by statistics (its hit points and its armor rating for instance), and a set of behaviors associated with stimuli definitions (for instance : I will flee if at least one leader of my team is defeated). The behavors are part of the strategy of the battle.

Statistics of a character

The statistics are inspired from the rules of the Palladium Role Playing Games. They are made of offensive and defensive modes. In addition are a list of ammunitions and a list of basis caracteristics (like hit points or moral).

Offensive mode.
An offensive mode is defined by :
Defensive mode.
An offensive mode is defined by :

List of offensive modes

List of defensive modes

Battle strategy

Battle strategy is made of behavior associated with specific stimuli. A behavior can be describe as :

And a stimulus is described by a list of conditions on statistics of specific characters or teams.

So a strategy is like : "when my leader has lost half of its hit points and we are outnumbered, then I will attacks the weakest opponent".

List of behaviors

List of stimuli

Script associated with battle declarations

We need a language to describe all the pre listed points. Here are generic constraints for this language :

A language to describe tactics

A language to describe strategy


You can contact me at zorg if you want to participate to this project or to give me any information that could improve it.